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Why does the dashboard show that we lack a schedule when we can see there are dates/contests on it?

The Portal has been set up in such a way that contests your opponents enter automatically appear on your schedule.  Games entered by your opponents have no impact on your school meeting the schedule reporting requirements.

If your school has not contributed any games to your own schedule, then the dashboard will show that your schedule is incomplete.  
We require your school to take some action in order to meet the schedule reporting requirements.

It's unlikely that your opponents have entered your entire schedule.  Therefore, you will need to double-check the schedule in the Portal and add any missing contests.  Varsity only, please.

Once the schedule contains all varsity, regular season games, click the Confirm Completed Schedule button to verify that all games are present.

If the Confirm Completed Schedule button is not present, the schedule reporting requirement has been satisfied and no further action is required other than assuring the schedule is complete.

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