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It is the start of a new year and I do not see my school options.

This reminder is for school administrators that have signed in with their email address but cannot see their school options and cannot select their school in the school selector.

Access via your individual account (email address) is based on the role you have been assigned at your school in the current school year.  This means that permissions to access school functions could be interrupted over the summer until you are reassigned to your position for the new school year.

At the beginning of each school year, it may be necessary for an administrator to sign into the Portal with the master school account (School ID) and assign him/herself to their administration position (principal/AD) for the new school year.

However, because schools have access to the new school year ahead of time (usually in April), administrators can bypass this step by assigning administrators in the Portal for the upcoming school year at that time. That will ensure your individual account will still have access when the school year advances.

The individuals shown on your school's public directory page currently have access.

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