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  1. Access Sharing: How do I see school information once the AD has given me access?

  2. Can someone walk me through how to do something in the Portal?

  3. How can I edit a student's core or eligibility information?

  4. How do I access my individual account?

  5. How do I access the online rules meetings?

  6. How do I add a female student to a male sport roster?

  7. How do I add a home school student?

  8. How do I add co-op students to a roster?

  9. How do I change my account password?

  10. How do I change my email address?

  11. How do I delete a game from my schedule?

  12. How do I get additional help with the Portal?

  13. How do I pay the registration fee for a Non-Faculty Coach?

  14. How do I post an item to the Bulletin Board?

  15. How do I proceed with a transfer appeal or hardship filing?

  16. How do I update a staff member's email address?

  17. I am an Athletic Director. How do I access my individual account?

  18. I cannot add a non-faculty coach to one of my teams.

  19. I cannot sign in because the Portal says my password is incorrect or I have forgotten my password. How do I correct this?

  20. I click the Begin button, but I'm not able to begin or complete the rules meeting.

  21. I coach at multiple schools and I can't edit rosters and schedules.

  22. I have a question about a charge or payment shown on my account.

  23. I have a rules meeting voucher. How do I submit it to the Portal?

  24. I'm a coach and I don't have any menu options to complete eligibility, schedules, etc.

  25. It is the start of a new year and I do not see my school options.

  26. It keeps taking me back to the same page. Why can't I do anything in the Portal?

  27. The website won't load on my computer.

  28. What do I do if the Resend Invite button is not available for a staff member?

  29. What if I don’t have a head coach for one of my sports?

  30. What is our school's status with rules meetings and how do we access the online meetings?

  31. What is the difference between signing in using a school ID and signing in with an email address?

  32. What must be done to co-op with another school?

  33. When I click Rosters & Schedules there are no sports listed.

  34. Why do have have duplicate games on my schedule?

  35. Why does the dashboard show that we lack a schedule when we can see there are dates/contests on it?

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