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How do I add a home school student?

Submitting information and the required form for home school students can now be completed online through the Portal.

First, enter the student's core information (Students, Add Student) and answer the eligibility questions. The Portal will direct you to the online Homeschool Form if necessary.  The Homeschool Form functions similarly to the Transfer Form.

If you must sign out of the Portal to gather additional information for either form, you can return to it at any time by going to the Awaiting Action page under Eligibility and clicking the form button across from the student's name.

If a member of your school's central office staff has submitted these forms in the past, your school will need to assign that individual as your school's System Athletic Director or Assistant Athletic Director so they will be able to access the Portal and complete these forms on your behalf.  Detailed steps for these users can be found below.

How to Submit Homeschool Students Through TSSAA Portal
  1. Sign into TSSAA Portal with email and password.
  2. If you have been granted access by more than one school, you will need to click on the school selector at top and select Change School/Year. Locate a school and click the Set as Active button across from the school's name.
  3. From the menu on the left, select Students and click Add Students.
  4. Complete the form with the student's basic/core information.
  5. On the confirmation screen, select Answer Eligibility Questions.
  6. Choose the option indicating the student is homeschooled.
  7. Click the button that appears below labeled Continue to Homeschool Form.
  8. Complete the form in its entirety.
  9. If you must go away and come back later, you can return to this screen by selecting Eligibility from the menu and clicking Awaiting Action. Find the student's name on the list and click the Homeschool Form button across from the name.
  10. Click Submit Form.
  11. The individual that submitted the form and the primary contact for the school will be notified by email once a determination has been made or if any additional information is required.

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