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I click the Begin button, but I'm not able to begin or complete the rules meeting.

The online meetings have been tested with Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Android tablets and Apple iPad.

Most issues can be addressed by completing one or more of these actions:
  • If the spinner appears and nothing seems to be happening, click the Play/Pause button in the bottom left corner until the playback resumes.
  • Clear your browser cache.  This webpage will guide you through the process:
  • Enable JavaScript.  This webpage will guide you through the process:
  • Completely close all browser windows and sign into the Portal again.  Optionally, restart your computer.
  • Try using a different browser, computer, and/or internet connection.
  • Certain browser extensions/plugins may prevent with content from loading.  Try disabling unneeded extensions or using the No-Addons, Safe Browsing or Incognito modes.
  • Some anti-virus/firewall packages may block the content from loading.  Try accessing the rules meeting from a less restrictive environment where this should not be an issue.
If you have tried all of the above suggestions, please send an email to containing the following information:
  1. What browser and version are you using?  Use this tool to get a link to send to us.
  2. What error message is shown, if any?
  3. Provide a step-by-step description of the steps you are taking and when the failure occurs.

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