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How do I add co-op students to a roster?

Schools have the ability to enter a complete sport roster with all students that are on your team, including regular eligibility students, transfers and hardships.  In addition, it is now possible to display members of your roster that are coops from another school.  

The ability to have a complete roster of every student on every team, no matter how they became eligible, will allow your school to submit complete rosters to the TSSAA.

When the coop school views their roster page, eligible students that are cooping from another school will be easily identifiable, highlighted in yellow.  Hovering over the name will show the school the student attends.  You can add that student to your roster the same as any other eligible student.

For example, School A is co-oping with School B in football.  School A student, Flatt Toppe, will participate on School B's football team.  School A adds Flatt Toppe to the Portal, answers eligibility questions so that the student is eligible.  School A then adds Flatt Toppe to their football roster in the Portal.

When School B's athletic director then views their football roster, there will be an entry for Flatt Toppe under the Eligible Students heading.  The row for Flatt Toppe will be highlighted yellow to set it apart
from School B's students and the name of School A will appear in a tooltip when the mouse hovers over Flatt Toppe's name.  The School B athletic director can then add Flatt Toppe to the School B roster as if he was a School B student.

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