I have a question about a charge or payment shown on my account.

Questions should be directed via email to the appropriate staff members:

General Fine Inquiries (ie. eligiblity, rules meetings, schedules)
Kim Alley (kalley@tssaa.org)

Sportsmanship Fine Inquiries (ie. ejections, unsportsmanlike penalties)
Terry Hillier (thillier@tssaa.org)

Eligiblity/Probation Fine Inquiries
Lauren Jones (ljones@tssaa.org)

TSSAA Membership
Emily Crowell (ecrowell@tssaa.org)

TMSAA Membership
Bobby Long (blong@tssaa.org)

Bookkeeper/Accounting Inquiries
Brenda Dwyer (bdwyer@tssaa.org)

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