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When I click Rosters & Schedules there are no sports listed.


Have you activated sports for this school year?

There is a handy checklist on the Dashboard page when you login that lists the most important tasks that need to be completed each year.  You can also access our tutorial videos that will walk you through each step:


Coaches will only see the sports that the AD has assigned them to as a coach (head or assistant).

Pull up your school's directory page on the website [] to see if you're listed as a coach.  If not, contact your school's athletic director and ask that you be assigned to your team as soon as possible.

Coaches are able to maintain their teams' schedules (varsity games only, please) and can add eligible students to their teams' roster.  Coaches will not have access to eligibility or core student records.  Also, they must contact their athletic director if they need to remove a student from a roster.

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